Sledwreck - although they may be on a bit of a hiatus, they're still a band that's worthy of a good look-see.

The Moons - a wonderfully jangly rock band from the San Francisco bay area.

Delta Clutch - an incredible rock/soul combo from Providence, RI (and the only band that Mike doesn't feel like a jackass dancing to).


Future Daydream - a web design/hosting company based in the San Francisco Bay Area--and let's not forget that they're gracious enough to host the very site upon which you lay your eyes.

Benicia Underground Music Resource - a sprawling and informative site covering the Benicia, CA music scene, featuring bands, show reviews, and all that good stuff.

Just Another Scene - an expansive and oft-updated resource site covering New England. - a site dealing with stock trading and such, and also some information about Springbox Records, our friend Jut's record label.  Check it out.