There is no longer any such thing as thermostat merchandise...but wait!  That doesn't mean I can't show you what it looked like, right?  Of course not.  So here you go.  You know, if you're nice, Mike might even have a shirt or two lying around, but you'd better have a damn good bargaining chip if you want one.


Thee demo - the second demo thermostat recorded, with the gracious assistance of Brian Murphey and Jon Logan.

The Holiday CD that was released by Trevor.  If you want a copy, you're going to have to find Frank DiGirolomo.  Features such classics as Rhymes With Rabies and Every Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare.

What did the critics have to say about it?  Lodge Staubach says, "I like that one part that goes (makes violent hand gesture then nods) whack!"