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    Hey!! So here we are on the 'Net! Exciting,isn't it? It's hard to think of what to say on one of these but we'll do our best. The Moons are a band. A good band. A good rock 'n roll band featuring:

K. C. Staubach — Lead Guitar & Vocals
Scott Bradley — Guitar & Vocals
Charlie Staubach — Bass
Adam Pfahler — Drums

    The Moons were formed in 1995 by a few handsome young men in Benicia, CA. We wrote a few songs, recorded them and started looking for a drummer. Several drummers later (Evan Mendell: Delightful Little Nothings, Hi-Fives,.thermostat & Blake Schwarzenbach: Jawbreaker,Jets To Brazil to name names), we finally found one that hasn't exploded yet. (Or moved to New York). And so, finally prepared, we began our assault on the general public The Moons show no signs of stopping. Some of the bands we enjoy listening to, are inspired by, and steal things from are: The Who, Squeeze, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, The La's, and The Bee-Gees (circa '67) to name a few.

    We would love to be your friend. Anyway, we're based in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is a great place to be, no matter who you are or what you're doing. Being a band here is a little tough though. Nonetheless, we strive ever onward. We've even had a bit of success at it. Check out our reviews from S.F. Bay Guardian, Punk Planet, SnackCake! & BAM located in the Reviews section.

    So, look around and tell us what you think! Sarcastic comments welcome.

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