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    The songs below are offered in either the .mp3 or .rm format. If you don't yet have a player for either you can download one of these suggested players at the following links:

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    We hope that you enjoy the songs. As always snide comments & compliments (especially the snide comments) are welcome. Mail us.

From the self-titled Broken Rekids 7":
The "a" side is a wistfull and powerfull tune called Stolen Days. Real Audio
Step Back is the "b" side. Real Audio

From Cool Beans Magazine #10
Rainsong hails from the same recording session as the 7". Real Audio

From Cool Beans Magazine #11
Epstein also hails from the same recording session as the 7". mp3

Samples from one of the very first Moons demos:
A lovely little song entitled Harrisong. Real Audio
A cutting and satirical "power-ballad" called Janine. Real Audio

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